Publish / Awards 2015

Publish/Awards 2015

The Observers Calendar 2015 Venture County Astronomical Society 

Ventura Calendar for Web finish

My NGC 255 Sailboat Cluster image was used for the 2015 Venture County Astronomical Society Calendar / Venture County California .





Butler Art Museum Exhibit  Ohio



6 of my images are on display for a 3 month exhibit at the Butler Art Museum in Youngstown Ohio  04/12/15 to 7/12/15. 



 Astronomy Magazine



Astronomy  Magazine uses my NGC255 Sailboat Cluster Image March issue Pg 89




Interview in Photography Master Class  Magazine


 If you’ve got an iOS or Android tablet/phone & would like to take a look, you can use the coupon code pmfree3 to get 3 months free access. Just download the app at the link below, open it, click on the Subscribe button, then click current subscribers & enter the code.







Daily Courier Newspaper  Connellsville Pa. 


Front page of my hometown Newspaper  April 29th 2015  I gotta say, I’ve been in Magazines and News Media all over the world, but this was kinda special. Growing up I would always read the Courier, but never figured I would be on the Front Page like this :-)   Link to Article  





 Interview in Metro International Newspapers                          Russia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala


Interview in Metro International Newspapers, Russia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala,  Unfortunately, I cant read any of them.





Astronomy Magazine Picture of the Day





Art of the State Exhibit 2015 Pennsylvania State Museum


My Cygnus Wall image was selected for the Art of the State Exhibit at the Pennsylvania State Museum for 2015. It is a 3 month exhibit from June 28th to September 13th. This is the second year in a row my work is shown at the Pa. State Museum,  Art of the State Exhibit. There are many wonderful and interesting works of art in this exhibit.  Link




Westmoreland Art Nationals 2015 Art Exhibit


Four of my images are selected in the 2015 Westmorland Art Nationals. “The Star Bridge” Composite image (pictured on the lower right) won Best of Show at the Exhibit Displayed  in Founders Hall at the Westmorland Community College. The Moon Photo at the top was selected to be displayed at the Westmorland Heritage Festival Exhibit. My other photographs selected were the Horsehead Nebula, and M31 Andromeda Galaxy. This was a national competition with work selected from 21 states. 





 Juried Visual Art Exhibition 2015    Pittsburgh Pa.


 My Cosmic Sampler image is selected for the Juried Visual Art Exhibition 2015 in Pittsburgh Pa. This is the first year in nearly two decades that the exhibition, founded in 1962, opened its applications to artists living outside of the Pittsburgh region. The expanded call resulted in 500 entries from 39 states and from as far as Tehran. From this great pool of entries, 36 works by 28 artists were selected through a “blind” jury process, with the artists’ identities undisclosed and regardless of resume or career level. 




ANDOR Insight Awards 2015     Belfast, Northern Ireland 


:-)  My New Haircut  :-)

I won the Andor insight Awards this year (2015)  I entered my Cygnus Wall image in the Physical Sciences Category. The prizes were either an Apple Watch or $600 in Amazon gift cards….guess which one I took  I am delighted to have won the Physical Sciences category. I might also add that Andor is one of the largest Scientific CCD camera company’s in the world.







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