Sh2-155 C9 Cave Nebula

Sh2-155 C9  Cave Nebula

The Cave Nebula Sh2-155 or Caldwell 9,  is in the constellation Cepheus. It is approxmiatly 2400 light years away, and 35 light years across. It is a dim, and diffuse bright nebula, within a larger nebula complex containing reflection, emmison,  and dark nebulosity.

Crop of the Cave Nebula


Sh2-155  20min Ha Subframes x 19 = 380 min combined image


 Sh2-155  10min Red Subframes x 5 = 50 min combined image


Sh2-155  10min Green Subframes x 5 = 50 min combined image


Sh2-155  10min Blue Subframes x 27 = 270 min combined image


 Scope              TMB130mm

Camera           Apogee U8300

Mount               Atlas EQG

Filters               Astrodon  Ha5nm  RGB Gen1

Exposures       Ha 6.3hrs   R1hrs   G1.5hrs    B4.5hrs   10min subs

Location           Connellsville Pa.  Home Observatory     2011


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