Sh2-115 Sharpless East

Sh2-115  Eastern Section  Nebula

Selected by NASA for Astronomy Picture of the Day 

Sh2-115 is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus. It is approximately 7500 light years away. The open star cluster in this is known as Berkeley 90. This object is located about 2.5 degrees Northwest of the bright star Deneb.




Sh2-115 Narrowband  Ha SII OIII   Same data from above mapped Ha=R  SII=G  OIII=B  and rotated 180 deg





Sh2-115 20min Ha Subframe


Sh2-115  Ha Subframes x 23 = 460 min combined image


Sh2-115 20min OIII Subframe

Sh2-115  OIII Subframes x 16 = 320 min combined image


Sh2-115 20min SII Subframe

Sh2-115  SII Subframes x 17 = 340 min combined image



Scope              Planewave 17in

Camera            Apogee U16

Mount               Paramount ME

Filters               Astrodon  Ha5nm  OIII3nm   SII5nm

Exposures       Ha 7.6 hrs    OIII 5.3hrs   SII 5.6hrs   20min subs Total  18.5Hrs

Location           Sierra Nevada Mountains CA.  Heavens Mirror Observatory  SRO       2012



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