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              Published Work &  Awards 2013

                                      NASA APOD


NASA APOD  Astronomy Picture of the Day  6/14/2013      Sh2-155  APOD NASA Site 

For those of you that didn’t know: The Astronomy Picture of the day website (APOD) has been around since  June 16, 1995. In 2012 it was estimated to have been viewed over 1 billion times,  at present it  receives over 1 million views each day, and is translated into 21 languages daily. It is certainly an honor for any astrophotographer to have their work presented on this site.
Authors and Editors  Jerry Bonnell and Robert Nemiroff




                                     First Art Festival


AAAP Guidestar Article about my first Art Festival Show. Three Rivers Art Festival  June 2013



                            Astronomy Magazine online


Astronomy Magazine online Picture of the Day  5/25/13       Astronomy Magazine NGC891



                                   SPACE  . COM



SPACE . COM  Online The Cygnus Wall                 SPACE . COM Link 



                            20 Images on Yahoo News 


20 of my images are used for a Yahoo News Slideshow of Deep Space Objects Oct 28th 2013.                              Yahoo News Slideshow link 



                         NASA APOD Calendar 2013


My Tadpole Galaxy image is selected by NASA to appear in the Astronomy Picture of the Day “APOD” Calendar for the month of November.



       Astronomical Society 125th Anniversary Calendar



The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has selected 4 of my images for their 125th year Anniversary Calendar My M100 galaxy image is to be placed on the cover of the calendar. I am honored to be on the cover of the 125th Anniversary Calendar. Images on the calendar are  NGC3576 Statue of Liberty Nebula,  M57 Ring Nebula,  NGC1333 Dusty Nebula in Perseus, and  M100 Spiral Galaxy .



2013 Black Hole Display  AIC Advanced Imaging Conference 



 10 of my images are displayed at an exhibit for the 2013 AIC Advanced Imaging Conference in Santa Clara California. This is a conference of Astrophotographers from all over the world. I was grateful to have some of my images selected to be a part of this. One of my images, NGC1333 was displayed with back lighting in the Black Hole Tunnel display. The exhibit was designed and constructed by Dr. Bob Canton.

AIC Advanced Imaging Conference for 2015 



                       Educational Image Use

The-Constellation-Observing-Atlas--Book 3

6 of my images were selected for The Constellation Observing Atlas, Author Grant Privett  Images used are  Omega Centauri pg34,  M65 M66 pg114,  M10 Globular Cluster pg144,  Double Cluster pg155,  M17 Swan Nebula pg117,  M27 Dumbell Nebula pg212,



                               Astronomy Magazine online


Astronomy Magazine online Picture of the Day   Barnard 147    Astronomy Magazine Barnard147



                           Astronomy Magazine online

Astronomy Magazine Propeller 2013


Astronomy Magazine online Picture of the Day  Propeller Nebula      Astronomy Magazine Propeller


                               Astronomy Magazine online

NGC1333 4 Astro Mag


Astronomy Magazine online Picture of the Day   NGC1333    Astronomy Magazine NGC1333


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