M74 Supernova

M74 Supernova Galaxy  LHaRGB

Messier 74 (also known as NGC 628) is a face-on spiral galaxy in the constellation Pisces. It is at a distance of about 32 million light-years away from Earth. The galaxy contains two clearly defined spiral arms and is therefore used as an archetypal example of a Grand Design Spiral Galaxy The galaxy’s low surface brightness makes it the most difficult Messier object for amateur astronomers to observe.However, the relatively large angular size of the galaxy and the galaxy’s face-on orientation make it an ideal object for professional astronomers who want to study spiral arm structure and spiral density waves. It is estimated that M74 is home to about 100 billion stars. Text taken from Wikipedia  Check out the full version of this image below as there are many background galaxy’s.


Full Size image  No Ha



M74 Luminance 320min

M74 Red 120min

M74 Green 120min

M74 Blue 120min

M74 Ha 300min





Scope              Planewave 17in

Camera           Apogee U16

Mount               Paramount ME

Filters               Astrodon  LRGB    

Exposures       RGB  2Hrs each     L 6Hrs        LRGB 20min subs   Total time  12hrs

Location           Sierra Nevada Mountains CA.  Heavens Mirror Observatory  SRO       2013


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