M27 Dumbell Nebula APOD

M27 Dumbell Nebula  BiColor  

Selected by  NASA for  Astronomy Picture of the Day  Dec 27 2011

M27 Dumbbell Nebula also known as NGC6853  is in the constellation Vulpecula. It is approximately 1360 light years from Earth. It is about 8 x 6 arcminutes in size and an apparent magnitude  of 7.5  This is a easily visible target in Binoculars and amateur telescopes. M27 is composed of the gas ejected from a dieing star. The remains of this star, is the white dwarf at the center if the object. All the expanding gas and dust in this image was inside that star. 

Close up of M27

Can you see the Face In M27


M27 20min Ha Subframe


M27 20min OIII Subframe


M27 20min Ha Subframes x 17 = 340 min combined image


M27 20min  OIII Subframes x 12 = 240min combined image


Scope              Planewave 17in

Camera           Apogee U16

Mount               Paramount ME

Filters               Astrodon  Ha5nm  OIII3nm 

Exposures       Ha 5.6hrs    OIII 4hrs      20min subs

Location           Sierra Nevada Mountains CA.  Heavens Mirror Observatory  SRO       2011


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