Heavens Mirror Observatory at SRO

Hello all, this page is about the Heavens Mirror Remote Observatory in the Sierra Nevada Mountians CA. It is located in the SRO observatory complex. At an elevation of 4610 ft it is above most of the fog and thermal inversion layer. It is an extremely darksite with excellent seeing and a large number of clear nights. Every Astrophotographer’s dream!    This observatory is  remotly operatered via the Internet. So when it’s cloudy at home I can still image:-)  

SRO Observatorys  Sierra Remote Observatorys   Piers now available!

SRO at Dusk

Sundown at SRO














Partnering with Martin Pugh we installed his Paramount ME MKS3ooo_ 17in Planewave with Rotating Focuser_Apogee U16 CCD Camera_7Pos Filterwheel_ Astrodon Filters Ha 5nm  OIII 3nm  SII 3nm  Gen2 LRGB_MMOAG_SBIG STi_Hitecastro Mount Hub Pro Controller_FitPc (small computer attached directly to the scope) all supported by a Bisque Pier. Also mounted to the observatory is a Moonglow Technologies  All Sky Cam.


 I would like to thank Martin Pugh for the opportunity to Image with him at SRO.

Martin Pugh Astrophotography




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