M1 Crab Nebula

M1 Crab Nebula

M1 the Crab Nebula is approximately 6300 light years from Earth and 12 light years across. This nebula is in the constellation Taurus. At the center of the nebula lies a neutron star emitting radiation and spinning 30.2 times a second. This star is only about 30km across.






M1  20min Ha Subframe

M1 20min Ha Subframes x 32 = 660 min combined image


M1  20min OIII Subframe

M1 20min OIII Subframes x 15 = 300 min combined image


M1  20min SII Subframe

M1 20min SII Subframes x 15 = 300 min combined image


 Data for this image was acquired by Martin Pugh  Thanks Martin!

Scope              Planewave 17in

Camera           Apogee U16

Mount               Paramount ME

Filters               Astrodon  Ha5nm  OIII3nm  SII5nm

Exposures       Ha  11hrs    OIII  5hrs   SII  5hrs   20min subs  Total  21 hrs

Location           Sierra Nevada Mountains CA.  Heavens Mirror Observatory  SRO       2013

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