M57 Ring Nebula

M57 Ring Nebula

Ha OIII SII Image Ha 10hrs  OIII 9hrs  SII 9hrs

M57 is in the constellation Lyra it is approximately 2300 light years from earth.  It was discovered in January 1779 by  Antoine Darquier de Pellepoix  M57 is a planetary Nebula known as a Bipolar nebula whose thick equatorial rings visibly extend the structure through its main axis of symmetry. This object also has a large amount of  Ha OIII and SII making it a very good tri color target for Narrowband imaging

Ha OIII BiColor Image  Ha 10hrs  OIII 9hrs

20min Ha Frame


20min OIII Frame

20min SII Frame


M57  20min Ha Subframes x 30 = 600min combined image

M57  20min OIII Subframes x 24 = 480min combined image

M57  20min SII Subframes x 26 = 560min combined image



Scope              Planewave 17in

CCD                 Apogee U16

Mount              Paramount ME

Filters              Astrodon Ha 5nm  OIII 3nm

Exposures      Ha10hrs   30x20min       OIII9hrs  27x20min    SII9hrs  27x20min

Location:        Sierra Nevada Mountains CA. Heavens Mirror Observatory   SRO     2011 – 2013



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