IC434 Horsehead Nebula

IC434 Horsehead Nebula

Horsehead from SRO with all  Planewave 17in data.  1.5 hrs each RGB and 8.3 hrs Ha  2013   2014


Horsehead with RGB data from 14in RCOS and 17in Planewave Ha data 2.8 hrs each RGB and 8.3hrs Ha.  2013

IC434 The Horsehead Nebula is approximately 1500 lightyears from Earth in the constellation Orion. The Horsehead it self, is a dark nebula surrounded by emission nebula. The reddish glow surrounding the dark dust clouds of the horsehead is hydrogen gas ionized by the bright star Sigma Orionis. Bright spots in the Horsehead Nebula’s base are young stars just in the process of forming.




 IC434 10min Red Subframes X 17  = 170 min combined image

IC434 10min Green Subframes X 17 = 170 min combined image

IC434 10min Blue Subframes X 17  = 170 min combined image

IC434 20min Ha Subframes X 25  = 500 min combined image


IC434 15min R Subframes X 6  = 90 min combined image



IC434 15min G Subframes X 6  = 90 min combined image



IC434 15min B Subframes X 6  = 90 min combined image



Scope              Planewave 17in for Ha  &  14in RCOS

Camera           Apogee U16 for HaRGB    SBIG STL 11000

Mount               Paramount ME

Filters               Astrodon  LRGB  Ha5nm  

Exposures       RGB  2.8hrs  each     Ha 8.3hrs       Total time  16.7hrs

Location           Sierra Nevada Mountains CA.  Heavens Mirror Observatory  SRO       2013


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