NGC869 & 884 Double Cluster

NGC869 & NGC884 Perseus Double Cluster

This is the newest image of the Double Cluster captured with the Planewave 17in scope. Data 2014  Processed 2016   This is a 2 panel mosaic.



NGC869 and NGC 884  known as the Perseus Double Cluster . NGC884 and NGC869 are approximately 7600 and 6800 light-years away. NGC869 is about  5.6 million years old & NGC 884 is about 3.2 million years old. Both of these clusters are very close to each other in space. There are more than 300 blue-white super-giant stars in each of the clusters


Scope               Planewave 17in

Camera            Apogee U16

Mount               Paramount ME

Filters               Astrodon  LRGB    

Exposures       R 1hr   G 1hr   B 1hr       RGB 15min subs   X2   Total time  6 Hrs

Location          Sierra Nevada Mountains CA.  Heavens Mirror Observatory  SRO    2013    Processed 2015





The image below was captured with my 130mm TMB scope in 2012



Fullsize Image



Scope              TMB130mm

Camera           Apogee U8300

Mount               Atlas EQG

Filters               Astrodon  LRGB Gen1

Exposures       R2hrs   G2hrs    B2hrs   10min subs  Total  6hrs

Location           Connellsville Pa.  Home Observatory     2012

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