9 Asteroid Time Lapse

Space…….It’s a busy place

Galaxy NGC660 with 9 asteroids passing by. 

This time lapse is assembled from one frame every 10min. There are a total of 30 frames in this video. The arrows represent  the starting point, and direction of travel of the asteroids. This is composed of 6 red filtered frames, 6 Green filtered frames, 6 blue filtered frames, and  15 luminance frames in that order. By clicking HERE above the time lapse image. The time lapse will load to your video player, you can then loop the video to make it easier to see the asteroids. The arrows are only in the first frame, to give you a reference to the asteroids location. North is at the lower right cornner.   The YouTube video is also available.

Click HERE to view Asteroids in motion




Link HERE to Color Galaxy Image created from these subframes 


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