M17 Swan Nebula

M17 Swan Nebula Hybrid Image

TMB 130mm with Apogee U8300 for Color and Planewave 17in with Apogee U16 for Luminance  Ha 8.6hrs   OIII  3.6hrs  SII 4.3hrs Lum 2hrs Color data upscaled to Luminance. Image scale .63  Feel free to zoom in

M17 the Swan Nebula also known as the Omega Nebula lies in the constellation Sagittarius. This is an emission nebula, and is about 5500 light years from Earth. The total field of nebulosity is approximately 40 light years in diameter.


Full Size


  20min Ha Subframe

M17  20min Ha Subframes 26 x 20 = 520 min combined image


20min OIII Subframe

M17  20min OIII Subframes 11 x 20 = 220 min combined image


20min SII Subframe

M17  20min SII Subframes 13 x 20 = 260 min combined image

15min Luminance Subframe from 17in Planewave

M17  15min Lum Subframes  8x 15 = 120 min combined image


 Narrowband Data only TMB 130mm and Apogee U8300


Narrowband Data

Scope                TMB130mm

Camera             Apogee U8300

 Mount               Atlas EQG

 Filters               Astrodon  Ha5nm  OIII3nm  SII3nm

 Exposures       Ha 8.6hrs    OIII 3.6hrs   SII 4.3hrs   20min subs  RGB 40min each   Total 18.5hrs

 Location           Connellsville Pa.  Home Observatory     2010


Luminance Data

Scope               Planewave 17in

Camera            Apogee U16

Mount               Paramount ME

Filters               Astrodon  LRGB     

Exposures       Luminance  15min subs    2Hrs

Location          Sierra Nevada Mountains CA.  Heavens Mirror Observatory  SRO       2012 






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