NGC3576 Statue of Liberty

NGC3576 Statue of Liberty     


NGC 3576 contains several imbedded clusters as star propagation has progressed sequentially east to west during the last several million years. The bright emission component extends some 100 light years across and contains scattered small dark nebulae known as Bok Globules. Bok Globules are dense well defined concentrations of gas and dust named after the Dutch astronomer Bart Bok (1906-1983) who first defined them. Typically they possess 10 to 50 solar masses within a space of a single light year. Most commonly found within HII regions they are known to be cocoons of star formation, particularly the formation of double or multiple star systems. Text courtesy Rob Gendler



Ha  20hrs

OIII  10hrs

SII 10hrs


Data   Martin Pugh and Bill Snyder     Processing Bill Snyder

Scope               12.5 RCOS

Camera            STL 11000

Mount               Paramount

Filters               Astrodon   Ha OIII SII 

Exposures        Ha 20hrs   OIII 10hrs    SII 10hrs   30min subs   Total 40hrs

Location           Yass,  Australia       2013



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