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IC434 Horsehead Nebula   Winner Deep Space Competition   Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014

Welcome to Bill Snyders  Astro Image Site

Included is a collection of Astro Photos taken with the Apogee 8300 and  Apogee U16 CCD cameras.

Also images of my  observatory and several interesting links to other Astronomy related sites.

I hope you enjoy this website. My alternate site is Dark Sky Art this used to sell high quality prints.


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Feature Page:    <M27 Dumbell Nebula NASA APOD>

                                 <M65-66 Galaxy NASA APOD>

                                <Tadpole Galaxy NASA APOD>

                                <Sh2-115 East NASA APOD>

                           <M63 Sunflower Galaxy NASA APOD>

                          <NGC1555 Dusty Nebula  NASA APOD>

                           <Sh2-155 Cave Nebula  NASA APOD>

                          <IC1795 Fishhead Nebula NASA APOD>

Most Recent Images:      <New Image Page>





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